It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

HO! HO! HO! My fabulous gluten free readers!

It seems that the festive season is sneaking up on us pretty quickly now which means there are lots of new and exciting gluten free products popping up on shelves up and down the land.

Last year was my first gluten free Christmas and I massively underestimated how much food I would need to get over the seasonal holiday.  This year I will not make the same mistake, and because I don’t want any of you to either, I’m compiling a list (arranged by product) of what gluten free lovelies are available and where.

I know it’s great to make a lot of these from scratch, but I realised that last year, being that I was eating at a few different locations, it was so much easier to buy ready made foods that I could easily take with me, that were pre-wrapped to eliminate cross-contamination, because let’s face it, Christmas is never a time for a super clean, tidy kitchen, there is food everywhere, crumbs everywhere.

This year I’m ensuring that there is designated ‘gluten free zone’ in each destination I go to, it just makes life so much easier.

It’s also good to have different sections so that you can have things like cheese / bread / biscuit selections laid out with cutlery that you know is 100% safe to use. That way there is no chance of mixing up your bread knife with a glutened bread knife.

This year I may even buy some coloured labels and stickers so I can clearly identify which utensils / cutlery / china / glassware / tupperware are for gluten free use only. The easier to identify the better right?

Anyway, that’s just a few of the careful Christmas thoughts that I currently have rattling around in my brain, and I would welcome your ideas or tips too!  But now onto the main point of this blog post, great gluten free food and drink this Christmas!

Worth noting that I will constantly be updating this list in the lead up to Christmas so please check back in the coming weeks to see new additions.

Additionally, please, please, PLEASE remember to check the labels on everything you buy and don’t solely rely on the information on this blog, as we know ingredients / manufacturing methods change all the time!


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar 90G – Available from most major supermarkets
  • Celtic Choices Dairy Free Advent Calendar 72g – Available from Waitrose
  • Freefrom Advent Calendar – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Thorntons Snowman Advent Calendar 83g - Available from most major supermarkets


  • Cadbury’s Heroes Chocolate in Tub – Available from most major supermarkets
  • Cadbury Roses Chocolate in Tin – Available from most major supermarkets
  • Quality Street Chocolate in Tin – Available from most major supermarkets
    • CAUTION: I have read that the large purple one could contain gluten, but I believe this isn’t the tinned variety but rather the BIG individual chocolate


  • Baked To Taste Christmas Cake Fruit & Nut 530g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Baked To Taste Christmas Cake, Marzipan & Icing Topping 600g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Freefrom Iced Rich Fruit Cake 280g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Iced Rich Fruit Cake Slices x5 240g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Mini Chocolate Logs x5 220g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Free From Rich Fruit Christmas Cake 450G – Available from Tesco
  • Gluten Free Round Christmas Cake - Available from Marks & Spencer
  • Hale & Hearty Christmas Cake 300g – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Rich Port & Brandy Fruit Slab Cake 400g – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Iced Fruit Slab Cake – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Gluten & Wheat Free Iced Fruit Slices – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Rich Fruit Slices – Available from Waitrose
  • Mandy’s Gluten Free Christmas Cake – Available from Gluten Free Food Products
  • Mandy’s Gluten Free Individual Iced Christmas Cake – Available from Gluten Free Food Products


  • Freefrom Panettone Style Loaf Cake – Available from Sainsbury’s


  • Cole’s Gluten, Nut, Alcohol Free Christmas Pudding 454g – Available from Waitrose
  • Freefrom Christmas Pudding 454g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Free From Christmas Puddings x 2 – Available from Tesco
  • Hale & Hearty Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Christmas Pudding 350g – Available from Waitrose
  • Jenkins & Hustwit Gluten Free Christmas Pudding 396g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Mandy’s Gluten Free & Dairy Free Christmas Pudding – Available from Gluten Free Food Products


  • Celia Organic Gluten Free Lager Beer 330ml – Available from Waitrose
  • Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Lager 4 x 330ml – Available from Waitrose
  • St Peter’s Gluten Free Beer 500ml – Available from Waitrose


  • Atkins & Potts Beef Gravy with Red Wine & Thyme 350g – Available from Waitrose
  • Barkat Gluten Free Vegetable Gravy Mix 250g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Free & Easy Gluten Free Caramelised Red Onion Gravy 350g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Gluten Free Bread Sauce – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • Orgran Gravy Mix 200g – Available from GoodnessDirect, Waitrose
  • Turkey Gravy – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • Please see previous posts concerning gravy granules, stock pots here:



  • 4 Gluten Free Mince Pies – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • Baked To Taste Mince Pies (4 Pack) – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Freefrom Deep Filled Mince Pies x4 230g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Iced Topped Mince Pies x4 220g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Hale & Hearty Mince Pies 220g – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Mince Pies 280g – Available from Waitrose
  • Mandy’s Gluten Free Mince Pie – Available from Gluten Free Food Products
  • Udi’s Mince Pies 200G – Available from Tesco



  • 12 Lincolnshire Pork Stuffing Balls – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • 12 Pork & Caramelised Red Onion Stuffing Balls – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • 12 Pork, Cranberry & Orange Stuffing Balls – Available from Marks & Spencer
  • Barkat Gluten Free Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 250g – Available from GoodnessDirect
  • Hale & Hearty Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 120g – Available from Waitrose
  • Mrs. Crimble’s Home Bake Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix 170g – Available from Sainsbury’s


  • Cadbury’s Hollow Santa 100g - Available from most major supermarkets
  • Cadbury Milk Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Caramel Tree Decorations 144g - Available from most major supermarkets
  • Cadbury Snowman Chocolate 100g - Available from most major supermarkets
  • Cadbury Snow Bites 100g - Available from most major supermarkets
  • Freefrom Chocolate Selection 160g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Cranberry & Orange Muffin 150g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Santa Chocolate Bar 40g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Freefrom Gingerbread Biscuit 32g – Available from Sainsbury’s
  • Lovemore Christmas Gingerbread Men 50g – Available from Waitrose
  • Lovemore Shortbread Thistle Christmas Biscuits 200g – Available from Waitrose
  • Prewetts Christmas Tree Shortbread 170G – Available from Tesco



22 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. Thanks for this really useful list. My son, was diagnosed last Christmas (aged 14 then) so this is his first Christmas with Coeliac so it’s good to know what is out there.

    • Fabulous, it’s so lovely to hear when people find my posts useful! I hope your son has a brilliant gluten free Christmas!

  2. Ahh bistro best gravy is okay, its gluten free. Its in a glass jar! All flavours, chicken and beef are fine. Now when you read the back of this gravy it will state, may contain gluten. I telephoned Coeliac UK. To my surprise it is fine, and contains no gluten or any risk. They spoke with the factory makers of this gravy, the company, and they said the same, it is okay. Its a case of businesses products having that ‘may contain gluten’ label to cover their backs. In case anyone is worried , its in the food directory on coeliac uk website . Or yourselves can feel free to call them, and they too will tell you its okay.

    I was so happy that I could have this gravy, it meant with our roast dinner or Christmas dinner, we all could have the same gravy. Plus some gluten free ones I found not as Tatsuo. This gravy is packed full of flavour.

    Great post also. This suggestion was just for you to add to your list if you feel like it. But I promise its 100% gluten free.

    • Hey, thanks for your message! I have updated my post to link to two previous posts I have written regarding gravy etc… so I hope it covers as much as possible! Gravy can be such a minefield! I’ve personally never had a problem with ‘Bisto Best’ but I know some avoid it due to the warning on the label.

      • Of course that’s understandable. well I assure you that their is no gluten in it, hence not having a problem, as trust me, when I got told I could have it by a fellow coeliac , I certainly didn’t believe it when I went to buy it and saw them words of warning on the back. So I phoned coeliac uk and thankfully they assured me it was fine, it was protocol. They work closely with the company and have been reassured its fine. Does make you question why they even put it on there. Thanks for your great posts. I’m not a fan of gluten alternative and am so grateful for this bistro best. I loved all hour ideas of mice and easy bits for Christmas and shall certainly keeping an eye on it and making it to great use. Its too my 2nd Christmas as a coeliac, with my first being so early on from diagnosis, that I did sacrificed many of my usual favourites which was very hard.

  3. What an awesome list! This is my first Christmas GF and hadn’t really thought about what that means for the whole Christmas period so thanks for the wake up!!!! Thanks for sharing!! xx

  4. Hi there, I’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease so am still finding my feet!!!Are tins of roses safe to eat???If they are, then my Christmas is made, I ADORE cadburys chocolate but have not eaten it since I’ve started on a GF diet. Thanks for all the information you have put together, it really is invaluable.

    • Hi Katrina,
      Don’t worry, you will get there! I’m happy to report that Cadbury Roses ARE gluten free (just not the large purple one) – Are you signed up to Coeliac UK? They offer an amazing food and drink directory that is ridiculously helpful for finding out what you can and can’t eat. A lot of Cadbury chocolate is fine (I have a total Wispa addiction and thankfully these are gluten free!)
      And thank you for your kind comments, please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

      • Really??That would be the best news ever!I’m actually in Ireland, do you reckon there would be any differences between the UK Roses and Irish Roses?If there are I’ll have to come over specially to get some :-). According to our directory Cadbury chocolate is put in the “very low gluten section” as opposed to the gluten free section!I’ve been making do with Aeros instead (a VERY poor substitute…….gee my life is so hard!)

        • Ireland has a ‘low gluten’ section?! Is that even legal?! Wow… I wouldn’t trust anything from there! Hmmm… let me do some research for you and get back to you ASAP!

            • Happy dance!!!!Are cadbury chocolate bars ok too (the ones that don’t contain biscuits and any other offenders obviously!!). Thanks so much for your help, I never know where to find all the information and depend on blogs like yours for most of my answers!Thanks a million again (am now off to buy copious amounts of tins of Roses !!.). You have created a monster :-))

              • Haha, argh no!
                Most welcome! Check out the other blogs I mention, there’s lots of fab ones out there.
                No not all, for example, Dairy Milk bars are a no go, buttons are okay… check the labels on EVERYTHING! It is a total minefield but you will get there!

                • Hey there, I’m back again!One last question, I promise!!!Do you know if Haribo starmix are safe to eat (yet another thing I’ve been too afraid to eat!). Also, when you say “the big purple one” in the roses, do you mean the one that’s in the tin or the one that they make separately and call “the big purple one”? So sorry for pestering you with this but I am a complete sweet and chocolate fiend!!

                  • No worries! I’ve eaten Haribo and been fine, (and they are listed in the Coeliac UK food directory) – I believe it’s the separate one, but judgement call, I think the one in the tin is fine… but double check labels anyway! :)

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