Newburn Bakehouse – White Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins

Newburn Bakehouse is the new, specialist gluten and wheat-free brand from Warburtons, and as the name suggests, it comes with its very own bakery which is purpose-built to produce their free from range.

Newburn Bakehouse products are perfect for people with a wheat allergy, coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, or for anyone who wants to remove gluten and wheat from their diet.

The range includes bread, rolls, teacakes, muffins, wraps and baguettes.

One of their most recent additions was a White Chocolate & Raspberry Muffin, and as a white chocolate and raspberry fan I was quick to the shops to buy some to devour.

However, I decided to go with a different taste testing approach this time, and instead of eat it all myself, I opened up to the idea of sharing, not just with fellow coeliacs, but with those who can eat everything, and anything, including gluten.

My reasoning for this was that I’ve been gluten free for a while now, long enough for me to not really remember what ‘normal’ food tastes like. I’m used to my gluten free food and so what I think is good might not be, maybe I just think it is because it’s what I have become used to.

It really wasn’t difficult to get some of my colleagues to agree to eat some muffins for me, so I sliced them up, set them on a plate and watched as everyone dug in (of course I saved some for myself!)

These are my results:

  • 24% thought the muffins were too dry
  • 12% thought the overall taste was too sweet
  • 50% didn’t think the muffins tasted any different to ‘normal’ muffins
  • 62% weren’t aware that the muffins contained white chocolate
  • 25% correctly guessed that the red fruit was raspberry
  • 87% would buy/eat again

Overall the results were pretty good, although the main points to note were the dryness of the muffins and also the lack of white chocolate, which was minimal, I personally only knew there was white chocolate in the muffins because I bought them!

What does impress me about these muffins is the generosity in size (they could very well be cut in half and would still be ample portions) and the long shelf life, they don’t pass their best before after only a couple of days which is a bonus.

I would buy these again, and they are my favourite of the options available from Newburn Bakehouse, just more white chocolate chips please!

White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins

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