Wonka Chocolate

“Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous. So don’t be alarmed. As soon as your outer vestments are at hand, we’ll begin.”
Willy Wonka

Not so long ago Twitter was abuzz with news of a new chocolate bar… a new chocolate bar that was “GULP”… gluten free!

The bars in question were Wonka, made by Nestlé Confectionery.

Taken from a Nestlé press release:

“The new bars have been developed in response to consumer feedback which showed that Britons wanted something exciting, genuinely new and different and the Wonka brand is aiming to provide just that. Consumer testing found that an impressive 80 per cent of people said they would definitely or probably buy the new Wonka chocolate bars compared to a product norm of 60 per cent.”

There are three new bars but be careful as only two are gluten free:

  • GLUTEN FREE: Wonka’s Millionaires Shortbread: Just like the classic sweet treat it’s the tasty combination of delicious caramel and shortbread biscuit pieces covered in smooth milk chocolate.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Wonka’s Chocolate Nice Cream: A smooth vanilla crème topped with chocolate sauce and covered in delicious milk chocolate. It’s not cold like an ice cream but it certainly tastes like one!
  • CONTAINS GLUTEN: Wonka’s Crème Brulee: All you need to know about this one is it contains the DREADED GLUTEN… SO BEWARE!

First things first, the biscuit pieces in the Millionaire’s Shortbread are made using cornflour, totally safe, totally gluten free, totally divine (I can 100% vouch for this as I’ve already snuffled one bar, all to myself, didn’t share one square).

I have also tried the ‘Nice Cream’, and while I prefer the Millionaire’s Shortbread, it is delicious and I really like the liquid chocolate inside each square, very tasty.

I picked my bars up in Tesco but I l believe they’re available at all major supermarkets.

Enjoy co-snafflers!


5 thoughts on “Wonka Chocolate

  1. I found them both lacking in any real flavour, they were just sweet in a too much sugar way. Not very pleasant to be honest which is a shame considering they are gf.

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